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Приватбанк Днепропетровск, пр-кт Карла Маркса, 117
Pavel S.

The branch staff rejects to follow the State Laws

30/06/2017 I did visit a Privatbank branch at Karl-Marx st. 117, Dnipro. I've tried to lodge some money, just about UAH2000 in coins and notes of different value, onto my current account, but the cashier, Schultz Tatiana Sergeevna, has rejected to accept my money telling me that according to internal regulations the bank cannot accept more than UAH10 per day.

I've asked her to invite a manager, Grichuck Vitaliy Ivanovich, so she did. He told me that he know that he is breaching the State Law, but internal bank regulations are more important than Ukrainian Laws, so the bank cannot accept my money.

So, I've tried to call the support line but the operator just confirmed me that a bank operator can reject to accept money from a client.

Could you give me any hint, what should I do in such a situation?.. Why the bank representatives are making statements that internal bank regulations are more important for them than the State Laws?

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Dear Author!
Conversion of coins in the bank's cash desk, obtained for an operating day, takes a long time, in this connection, employees are forced to stop the cashier's work and not serve other customers. In this regard, the bank decided to accept coins of the national currency in the amount of up to 10 hryvnia per day per customer.
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